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How To Set up IPTV on Amazon Firestick


IPTV is basically a service that is used to display or broadcast video contents or television shows via internet protocols. Live programs or on-demand videos are delivered to users in real-time by IPTV service providers. As from the launch of IPTV, several devices have utilized it and the Firestick is one of these devices. However, how to set up IPTV Firestick is a complicated process and has been quite strenuous for many individuals which is why this article is here to help people having this difficulty.

Before analyzing the procedures of installing and learning how to set up Firestick on IPTV, it is best to evaluate the benefits that can be obtained from the features it offers. Few of these features are:

It enables users to stream high definition shows or television programs on Firestick using IPTV.

Users are able to watch series and television shows that have been recorded as well as their preferred live shows according to their schedule.

Users can also use Firestick with an internet connection to search and stream video on demand.

Although, several other features are also available when watching IPTV on Firestick and we have highlighted three of them.

This tutorial will focus on illustrating and showing how several recommended IPTV apps can be installed on Amazon Firestick.

It will also reveal the method of loading the IPTV M3U link that was provided after subscription to guarantee the best IPTV service from your provider.

It also allows you to watch free episodes, movies, Video on demand sent from Showbox cinema HD, Terranium TV, Exodus Redux, and so on.

How to set up Firestick

Insert your HDMI cable from your TV to your Firestick and insert the power lead in and follow the instruction that shows on the screen. The Amazon Firestick can be used to register a new Amazon account as well as linking the account to your wireless network at home.

Method of installing Smart IPTV on Firestick

This is the most significant part of installing IPTV on your device. A similar image will be displayed on your TV after you switch on your Amazon Firestick.

Select settings on the top corner of the screen and choose My Fire TV, Developer Option, then turn it on in the Unknown Sources.

After completing the steps above, select the home button on your remote control and select back to return to Amazon’s main page.

Select left on the magnifier icon beside the Home button on your remote control and click on OK.

Input the word Downloader in the search tab and click on OK that is on the app for downloading, then select download and install.

This will trigger the download and begin the installation.

After the installation is successful, select the downloader app to open it.

A similar screen like the image below will be displayed.

Suggested top IPTV apps are:

Stbemu App

Smart IPTV


The links provided below can be used to download your preferred app.

Smart IPTV App


You can download the Stbemu app directly without a downloader from our website from our DTV apps at by selecting Android directly.

The following is suggested for series, movies, and episodes.


Popcorn time

After the successful installation of the app and you’ve been able to watch and stream live television shows throughout the world on your Firestick, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First, to keep enjoying the app on your Firestick, you have to pay for the app. A free trial of seven days is usually offered on the first download of the app which you are later expected to pay. You are expected to make payment to continue streaming worldwide television shows.

Although users might not be aware of this, they will consider it an amazing discovery if they find out that an advanced and wonderful IPTV streaming service provider exists. Compared to other service providers that request for exorbitant fees for the subscription. DTV allows users to stream more than 5000 channels worldwide. Since we are an advanced IPTV service provider, everything has been established by the developers of the streaming service so that users can enjoy, stream and watch high definition television shows on IPTV right from their home.

Although these service providers are more concerned about making sure that their users enjoy the best viewing experience, they also made sure that their streaming service has been developed such that it would be compatible on several devices. Other amazing features that are offered by DTV are:

Amazon Firestick, KODI, Firestick, Smart IPTV, STB emulator.

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